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Would you like a communication at your POS?

The relationship between people has evolved introducing new ways of interaction.

We have an cutting-edge solution that will help you do it in a more efficient way

Your digital solution in 360º

Together we design the best solution to achieve your goals


Focused on Remote Communications and AI.


Built-in Totems designed for every scenario

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Specialized agents that bring higher quality in the communication process.

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Leading Brands in the market already trust in LiveWin2

▪ Introducing and Prescribing your products with remote expert agents..
Increasing your Customer’s Satisfaction, by offering an express service to them.
Increasing your remote custom sale made remote expert agents., by offering your sales ratio and lead capture.

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Positive Reviews

Make your investment More profitable and efficient

A higher level of interactions with customers and consumers

Greater Number of Impacts

Greater Impact quality

Less Investment

Less Cost Per Impact

Communication Innovation

with your consumers at the POS

Showcase your products and services in a more efficient way.

A more close interaction with your consumers.

Customized content according to each moment and location.

Improve customer journey by combining a more qualified communication channel and a face-to-face attention display.

Take advantage of your impacts by increasing value with data gathering.

Create a moment for them

A totally Flexible Solution for Turnkey projects

  • 100% dynamic campaign management adapted to your POS service hours.
  • Specialized advice from brand and service experts. (Hostesses, Promoters, Ambassadors, Managers…)
  • Perceived Value Enhancements Valor Añadido:
  • Scan and sign documents.
  • Private Conversations
  • Carrying out surveys in real time.
  • Launch promotions with online coupons.
  • Collection of qualitative and quantitative information from campaigns.

Get in touch and find out how to give your business a 360º spin

A physical Window to your Digital Universe

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